About Me

Welcome to my blog! I'm Nicolette Eller. Wife, young mom, and life enthusiast. Ever since I can remember I've loved writing. I actually love it so much in fact that I majored in communications in college with the hopes of being a journalist. I've been wanting to start a blog for years but have continuously put it off and told myself I'd get around to it eventually (I actually had a super short lived one in my college days, but didn't take it serious at the time). Well, I decided my resolution for 2019 would be to finally launch one and that's how we ended up here. The name "rosebuds and honey" are actually my nicknames for my husband, Vincent, and my daughter, Evie. I'm constantly calling Vincent "my honey" and Evie's middle name is rose so since the day she was born I've always called her "my little rosebud." I'm hoping this blog can be a place of self love and inspiration for both young mamas and even non-mamas that come across it. In a world of everything perfect we see on social media, I want this to be a relatable place. I'm by no means perfect, so I want other women who stumble across this blog to totally feel connected to my posts. Thanks for coming along for the journey, I hope you find just as much inspiration here as I do!



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