These Are a Few of My Favorite {Hair} Things...

Okay, so it's been a hot minute since I've been on here. Your girl got into grad school, landed herself in the hospital with a case of meningitis, and we're in the middle of buying a new house! Plus, to top it all off, Evie is officially entering that "terrible twos" phase. My apologies, this post was meant to go up a couple of weeks ago. But you know sometimes life just gets in the way. Anyway, let's talk about something you know I love to... HAIR. At my last hair appointment I went a little blonde (and I've been loving it). LB also hooked me up with some products I've absolutely fallen in love with! If you gals need a stylist in the KC area book an appointment with her, you won't regret it. Big surprise that most of them are Kevin Murphy, you guys know I rave about this line nonstop. I've been obsessed ever since using my first Kevin Murphy product. The investment is so worth it for your hair! I've been using each one of these products for weeks now and I can truly say they've done wonders for my hair.

Let's jump in by talking about one of my biggest concerns when it comes to going blonde... brassiness. If you've ever lightened your hair you know what struggle it can be. Your hair looks great for the first few weeks after leaving the salon but once you get a few washes in it suddenly looks a little orange or yellow. It's no known secret in the hair industry that purple shampoo can be a cure all for this in between hair appointments. However, my problem was that after trying multiple purple shampoos I still couldn't seem to find one that got my hair quite as ashy as I would of liked. It seemed there would still just be that hint of yellow that I couldn't get rid of. In come LB to save the day like always with Kevin Murphy's new Blonde Angel Wash and Rinse. When I say this stuff does what it says, I mean it. I've only had to use it three times in the past 8 weeks since one wash with it goes so far. The purple pigment is super strong with combatting any brassiness. So strong in fact that I actually forgot I had it in one time (leaving it in way too long) and tinted my hair just slightly purple, oops. It's okay though it faded to a normal ashiness in about a day or two.

Another concern I tend to have when going lighter is keeping the shine that my dark hair tends to naturally have. It's like as soon as that bleach hits my hair it gives up all it's shine. But of course you I've got a solution for that as well. All it takes is a few spritzes of Kevin Murphy's Shimmer Me Blonde. This stuff is a repairing treatment for blonde hair and wow does it add shine like no other. It gives you that naturally healthy look and smells AMAZING. Honestly ladies, I would probably use it just for the scent. But the fact that it gives you gorgeous shine is a huge benefit as well.

While on the topic of shine let's talk about my new favorite oil ever. Now in the past I know I've mentioned that I like to use Moroccan oil. I still do, there are some days my hair is just so dry that I just need something heavy to rub in after a deep wash. However, the Surface Curls Serum (surprised it's not Kevin Murphy?!). This oil has been the best for the summer heat! It's light weight yet still ultra hydrating, which is so hard to find. In fact if you know me you know I have pretty thick and heavy hair so I never want it to feel any heavier than it already is. I've been putting this in my hair twice a day and my hair doesn't feel weighed down at all. Definitely a must have for Summer and honestly I'll probably keep some on hand year round since it's so easy to throw in my hair.

Last but not least, hairspray. Now typically I'm a Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Hairspray type of girl. But, I wanted to try something with a little more movement that still gave me the hold I needed. Enter Kevin Murphy (back to my fav) Session Spray Flex Hairspray. Once again, another product that smells amazing! Being someone that has used a lot of stronghold hairsprays in the past I'm surprised I liked this as much as I did. It gave me the hold I was always looking for but still allowed my hair some movement. My beach waves created by my curling wand never fell loose but yet they always looked relaxed and bounced when I moved. For me this is a great everyday hairspray that doesn't make my hair crunchy or sticky, which I personally love.

These are seriously all the products I've been loving in my hair for summer! Summer always tends to be the time that my hair feels its roughest, but yet I'm still rocking hydrated, healthy locks thanks to these awesome little products. As always you can search locations that sell these products through the  Kevin Murphy website. Or you can make it easy on yourself and just go hit up Laura Beth Artistry to snag yourself some. I promise you that your hair will thank you!

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