How I Got Great Hair On a Mom Budget

Hey mamas (and non mamas), wanted to get on here today and talk about something we all can relate to. HAIR. I feel like hair can very much be a love-hate relationship. Anyone feel me on that? Like right after I leave the salon, I love it. Pretty much every other day... I was hating it. But recently I've been receiving compliments on my hair from friends, family, and even total strangers on how full and healthy my hair has been looking. It wasn't like I'd been in the salon every other day getting blowouts, but wouldn't that be great. Or like I'd done some miraculous overnight treatment. However, what I had done was make a change in the products I've been using on my hair. The best part, I haven't spent an arm and a leg to get my hair looking like this.

1 | Professional shampoo and conditioner

One major change I made was switching from a drugstore brand shampoo and conditioner to a salon one. And when I say salon I mean the stuff you can only get from a licensed stylist or salon, not the stuff sitting on the grocery store shelf that claims it's "salon quality." I know you might be thinking, "Well isn't that expensive?" or "She said this was supposed to be on a mom budget!" But, let me tell you something. I actually discovered that I was using less shampoo and conditioner with my professional brand than I was with the drugstore stuff. With professional products a little typically goes a long way. It also doesn't leave build up on my scalp like drugstore shampoo and conditioner does, therefore I don't have to wash my hair as often. So, with drugstore brands I was spending about $15 a month buying shampoo and conditioner. My hair always had more buildup and stayed frizzy, so I usually had to invest in several other products to try and get to the look and feel the way I wanted. Usually, with little success. With my current shampoo and conditioner I spend $50 every 4 months. You do the math. Plus, I hardly use any other products on my hair now because my shampoo and conditioner does wonders for my hair and creates a longterm solution instead of just sitting on top of it. If you're wondering, I use Kevin Murphy Hydrate-Me wash and rise. I will tell that you cannot order this online and I don't recommend doing so if you find it on Amazon or something similar. Mostly because you aren't guaranteed that it's authentic. You can go here to find salons near you that carry Kevin Murphy products. I also use a purple shampoo by Not Your Mothers, this is really just every once in a while if my hair looks a little brassy since I have lightened hair. The purple shampoo doesn't really do much for the texture or shine of my hair as it's just to combat unwanted tones. But, I wanted to throw it in here since I do occasionally use it.

2 | Finding a good leave in product 

I'm all for hydrating, anti-frizz, and heat protectant products. But I struggled finding one that worked for each of those categories. Not to mention, I was putting all these different products in my hair after washing that would then leave it feeling heavy once it dried. It was honestly counter productive. Around the holidays I received a product in a gift set that I honestly didn't even pay any attention to. Well, fast forward a few weeks when I came across it while doing some organizing and I decided to just throw it on my hair that night after washing. When I say I was blown away, I truly mean it. The Miracle Leave-In Product by It's a 10 is honestly a miracle, mamas. In the past I've been weary of all in one products but this product protects, repairs, and conditions hair all without making it greasy or sacrificing shine. I don't even use any other leave in products after washing my hair. This is all you will need! Not to mention it's another "a little goes a long way" product, meaning it'll last you a while.

3 | Switching to a boars bristle brush

I'd heard in the past that boars bristle brushes are an ally to hair, however I never really took the time to use one and my hair tangles easily so I wanted to keep with a detangling brush. But, just a few weeks ago I was grabbing some hair ties at the grocery store when I saw that Wet Brush makes a combined detangling and boars bristle brush. So of course, with it being under $10 I grabbed one with not much to lose. But let me tell you that is has made all the difference. It keeps the shine in my hair on 4 and 5 day hair by evenly distributing both my natural hair oils and ant additional oil I put in my hair. I love that it can be used on both wet and dry hair, I promise you I haven't even picked up another brush since I've started using tis one. I used to dread taking a brush to my hair because it would instantly poof up, but this doesn't seem to that. After brushing with it my hair looks nothing but smooth.

4 | Oil, oil, and more oil 

I think there's this fear that if you use oil in your hair, it'll look nothing but greasy. But, it's honestly extremely beneficial to your hair. I really just focus it on my ends because that's where my hair seems to get the driest. I also have decently thick hair so I can use a good amount in my hair, if your hair is on the finer side just be sparing. My stylist constantly tells me though that applying oil is one of the biggest things you can do for your hair on the daily and that she actually puts some in her hair a few times a day. I currently use the OGX Extra Penetrating Argan Oil. It's only $8 and it definitely gets the job done. I typically put a little in my ends every morning and then run whats left on my hands through the rest of my hair. Then I brush it through with the brush mentioned above. This is definitely worth it, at that price and the fact that it's yet another product that will last a while I definitely recommend it.

5 | Dropping the dry shampoo spray

I personally only wash my hair once, maybe two times a week. I know that may sound gross to some of you, but it's actually super good for your hair to wash less often. To keep my roots refreshed though I've always used dry shampoo spray. But, it seemed like no matter what brand I used (and I tried A LOT) it always took the shine out of my hair and made it feel slightly gritty. A sample of foam dry shampoo was also in that gift set I received around Christmas so I decided to give it a try. I was pretty please with it, but when I ran out I went to purchase more and saw it was $25 for one can. I couldn't justify spending that on dry shampoo. So fast forward to later that same day where I was roaming the aisles at Target to discover that Dove makes a foam dry shampoo. I decided to give it a go since it was under $5 and let me tell you I ended up loving it more than the expensive brand! I mean, if I had to choose only one hair product to use for the rest of my days it would be this. It's amazing. For my brunettes, it doesn't leave any of that white, powdery residue on your roots. It also keeps your hairs' shine. I spraying a little in my hands, massage it into my roots, and then brush it through my hair. Literally takes about 3 seconds and does WONDERS. My hair is left feeling refreshed and still soft.

There you have it, those are the only five things I use on my hair (aside from my purple shampoo every once in a while). I feel like this is a pretty low maintenance hair care routine. I wash my hair once or twice a week with my Kevin Murphy wash and rinse, put in a bit of Miracle Leave-In afterwards, and then brush through my hair daily after using my foam dry shampoo and oil. I've been getting so many compliments on the status of my hair and people asking me what I've done. But this it literally it, I don't have the time for a crazy or expensive hair routine, but still think healthy hair should be attainable with even the busiest lifestyle. I hope some of this can be beneficial or that one of these products can become a part of you hair routine ladies.



  1. Perfect! This post is exactly what I need! I’m so in need of some new budget hair products! I’m excited to try the shampoo, leave in conditioner, and dry shampoo. Actually, I’m excited to try them all. Thanks for your recommendations. Love it!

  2. I was hoping to see a picture of your hair. I am African-American and let me tell you it can be rough sometimes. I can certainly agree that investing in a quality shampoo and conditioner is worth it. It may look expensive because of the sticker price, but in the long run you are using less with each use and getting better results.

    1. I'm actually mixed. So my hair is a combination, between the two. I have a full hair pic on my insta of how it's been looking using these products. It was super dry and breaking off before this! Yes to quality products, so many people don't realize (including myself just a few months ago) especially when it comes to shampoo and conditioner!

  3. I read the title and thought "yaaaaaaaasssss this is what I need right now!" I'm such a dummy when it comes to these things, especially now as a mama I don't know what I'm doing with my self haha. This was super helpful!!

  4. This is such a great post and this is what I needed at this time as am looking to a new hair routine. This is so helpful and thank you for sharing.x

  5. I was looking for a new hair routine and this is one that I will start to follow. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I love my boar bristle brush it really does work to fix frizz.


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