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Allergen Friendly Puppy Chow

We're you even raised in the midwest if puppy chow wasn't one of the main food groups in your household? I gotta tell you, I totally forgot about this addicting snack as an adult. But a couple of weeks ago Evie had her Valentine's day party at school and as with any party I always try to brainstorm a tasty, dairy free snack to make. It's harder than you think, so much of what we eat has dairy in it. So shout out to all my mamas with kids who have food allergies, because I feel your pain. Anyway, I was swamped with a bunch of other stuff on my to do list and didn't really have the time to bake something. I saw some Chex cereal at the store and the memories of puppy chow came flooding back to me. Sweet, easy, and perfect bite size for a class of toddlers. However, not only did I need to do some tweaking to make it dairy free, but there's also a kid in Evie's class allergic to peanut butter so I now had to do peanut free as well. It was soooo tasty. Did i men…

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